New Business Phone Systems

Commander Centre Melbourne North has business phone systems for every need. Whether you're a large scale business or a team of three, Commander Centre Melbourne North will provide the phone system right for you.

Keep the lines open and the calls from customers coming in. Give your employees their own phone, remove the need to pass a single wireless phone around the office. Take the first step to scaling your business with one of our trusted phone system brands.

All in one phone systems for small to medium businesses

Commander can offer Avaya phone systems for the small business that needs a comprehensive phone system to cover all their needs. Avaya phone systems are specifically designed for small to medium businesses, giving you everything you need in a full-featured phone system with a couple of handsets.

Configure the phone system you need with anywhere between 2 to 360 extensions. Avaya phones come with the latest converged voice and data technology for clear calls in any business situation.

Flexible, expandable, and modular phone systems for specific business needs.

The Samsung phone systems offered by Commander are customisable, modular, and flexible to your business needs. Design your own phone system with the features your business needs. Include everything in your phone system from Voicemail to VoIP.

The modular nature of Samsung phone systems means you only pay for the features you need. You can add and remove features as your business needs change and run the leanest phone system your business requires.

Full scale, enterprise level phone for corporations

Panasonic are one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world. Commander is proud to stock and offer Panasonic phone systems for enterprise organisations.

Panasonic phone systems combine the strengths of traditional telecommunications with the flexibility of IP technology. Take on a phone system with both the scope to cover all your current business needs and the scale to grow as your enterprise expands.

Commander Smart Voice

The internet is about to get a whole lot faster. With the rollout of the nbn the old copper phone wires are being replaced with optic fibre wires. What that also means is a better and cheaper phone service for your business with Commander Smart Voice. You don't need a newfangled phone, either. You can use your existing analogue handset. And while you're jumping on the nbn you can save even more by bundling your Commander Smart Voice plan with a Commander nbn Broadband plan to receive a $30 discount on your broadband monthly access fee.

Key Features

  • NBN Ready1
  • Works with your existing handset
  • FREE Commander to Commander calls8
  • Exclusive bundle and multi-line discounts to save you money

Commander Smart SIP

There's a reason this is called a smart phone system. We can turn any traditional telephone network into an internet connected service without changing your handset- and with no set up fees. It's called SIP trunking and the benefits can help make your business bottom line healthier. You'll get unlimited local and national calls, the flexibility to add more lines when you want for minimum cost and the ease of managing the entire thing online.

Commander Phone

When smartphones came along it changed the way we used mobile phones. The Commander Phone is the smartphone revolution of business phones. Phones can now be connected through the internet, which means no line rental, no missed calls and most of your standard local and national phone calls are for free. Also, when your business grows you can easily add, move or change phone extensions and locations without the upfront investment of a traditional phone system. Now, that's a smart phone.

Existing internet service required. Mobile use subject to network coverage.

Commander Key Phone - Ideal for Small Businesses 

"Call for you on line two." This is what the Key phone system is best known for simple multiple buttons (or keys) and lights that indicate which lines are in use. However, they have come a long way since then. Your key phone can now be connected through the internet which gives you the option to make conference calls, forward calls, check voicemail messages and answer any line that rings. Perfect for companies with several employees, this is a multi-line phone solution without the expense of an internal switchboard (PBX) system.

Business ISDN Phone Plans

What is ISDN? It's the transmission of voice calls over digital lines. So, what's the advantage? The benefit to using ISDN is that digital lines can have simultaneous calls on the same phone number and are more suited to businesses. And we make it even simpler for you with our Smart Biz phone plans. If you only need a few lines then ISDN2 plans are all you need. For businesses with ten or more lines then ISDN10 plans are right for you. That way you only pay for the lines you need with a set monthly fee. Plus, you can use your existing office phone service or activate a new service with Commander.

Smart Biz ISDN Business Plans Benefits

  • One set monthly fee including line rental
  • Range of plans to suit your needs & budget
  • UnlimitedLocal Calls
  • A choice of Unlimited8 or Untimed National Calls
  • A choice of Unlimited8 or Untimed Mobile Calls
  • Free calls between office phones & mobiles on the same account7
  • Maximum of 4 ISDN2 services on one account or maximum of 4000 calls per ISDN10 service