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PABX Phone Systems for Offices & Business of Any Size

A pabx system (or a private branch exchange) is a telephone exchange or switching system that operates within a private organisation. It comprises of a concentration of central office lines or trunks and it supports the functionality of intercommunication between a big number of telephone stations within a specific organisation.

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PABX Phone Systems Melbourne

Every pabx Australia station (which can be a fax machine, a telephone set, or a computer modem) is often known as an extension and each station has a designation extension telephone number 

This number might or might not be automatically mapped to the numbering plan of the central office and the telephone number block given to that specific pabx connection.

PABX Phone System Installation

If you’re looking for a PABX system installation in Australia, our team of experts here at the Commander Centre are standing by to provide you with the service that you need. Whether you’re looking to get a panasonic pabx system installation, Samsung pabx systems or an avaya pabx system installation, we can help you out.

There are many advantages to getting a pabx phone system in Melbourne, some of which include:

Features of PABX Phone Systems

Considerable cost savings for internal phone calls.

  • Access to extra services such as call forwarding and extension dialling that aren’t available in a public network.
  • Employees can share phone lines when placing outgoing calls, resulting in big cost savings when it comes to the number of lines they have to pay for.
  • A pabx phone system provides a level of reliability that isn’t achieved with other systems. You won’t have to deal with lagging response times, lapses or delays.
  • The quality of your call connection will be substantially better than it would be with a traditional connection.
  • Your productivity and that of your employees will dramatically increase.

Telecom PABX System Installation

For more information on telecom pabx system installation in Melbourne and beyond, be sure to contact us today. Allow our team to totally transform your business communications and take your business to a much higher level of efficiency and productivity.

We are your local telecommunications experts and our aim is to advise you on and help you to incorporate new technology into your business operations to help it to grow to its full potential.

Our team fully understands the challenges that a business faces on a day-to-day basis and we know how to overcome these challenges by offering the best IT products and services in Australia.

Contact Us about PABX Phone Systems

For more information on PABX phone systems, whether it’s installation or repair, call us today on 1800 009 009 and we’d be happy to answer any of your burning questions.

Commander Centre offers the biggest range of business phone systems, office phone systems & phone systems for small businesses. We supply Panasonic phone systems, Samsung phone systems and Avaya phone systems. So whether you're in need of a PABX phone system or VOIP phone system, Commander Centre has got you covered.

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