Business Broadband

Our Business Broadband plans use ADSL, which is the high-speed internet connection over fixed lines. This gives you access to broadband speeds as fast as your line will allow. Our range of plans are designed to meet your data requirements and all come with added benefits, including WiFi capability, access to your Personal Computer anywhere in the world, 5 additional email addresses and 24/7 Tech Support.

Choose your plan

Basic Plan


If you don't use the internet all day or send lots of emails then the Basic Plan is all you need.

  • Cost per 1MB = $0.0027
  • Super-Fast Broadband
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Peak/Off Peak


per month

Total Min. Cost $959.80
(Over 24 months,
incl. $99 setup fee & $19.95 P&H)

Office Plan


If you use the internet and email a lot, but you don't send or receive large files often, then the Office Plan is the right plan for you.

  • Cost per 1MB = $0.0005
  • Super-Fast Broadband
  • Bonus Modem (p&h applies)
  • No Peak/Off Peak


per month

Total Min. Cost $1797.75
(Over 24 months,
incl. $99 setup fee & $19.95 P&H)

Executive Plan


If you use the internet and email a lot and send or receive large files often then the Executive Plan is the right plan for you.

  • Cost per 1MB = $0.0001
  • Super-Fast Broadband
  • Bonus Modem (p&h applies)
  • No Peak/Off Peak


per month

Total Min. Cost $2277.75
(Over 24 months,
incl. $99 setup fee & $19.95 P&H)

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Commander Business ADSL Broadband Features

Essential WiFi capability

Thanks to a bonus 4-port modem ($19.95 p&h applies)


Free Static IP Address

Access your Personal Computer anywhere in the world

5 additional email addresses

Commander email addresses with webmail access from anywhere

Free Webmail

Send and receive email wherever you are

24/7 Tech Support

Expert advice whenever you need it

Online Portal Access

Manage your account easily and efficiently

Extra peace of mind

With FREE Anti-virus / Anti-spam Protection

No throttling

Maintaining the optimum speed of your Broadband service*

*Excess usage charges apply

Our NBN Upgrade Guarantee

Connect to any Commander Business Broadband plan now and when NBN arrives, you can upgrade to a Commander NBN Broadband plan later, with no penalty.

Pay no Early Termination Fees when you upgrade from a Commander ADSL Broadband plan to one of our NBN plans.
The Commander difference

At Commander, we provide total communication solutions for business, from office phone systems and mobiles to broadband and data technologies. We supply top-of-the-line tools, connectivity and infrastructure, and work with you to create a simple, integrated solution that delivers efficiency and savings. What's more, our Customer Care Centre gives you access to highly responsive staff who are trained to assist with your every need.

Demand your ADSL Broadband

Choose from 15GB through to unlimited data per month, or bundle with your PSTN phone system for even more savings. Most of our ADSL business plans include a bonus modem with WiFi capability, a free static IP address, 5 additional email addresses, free anti-virus and anti-spam protection, and 24/7 technical support.

We are NBN-ready, and our specialists will provide your business with advice and support throughout your transition to the NBN.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you take command of your business communications. For business-grade broadband that really delivers, call Commander direct on 1300 852 962, or press the Enquire Today button, fill out the form and we'll get back to you shortly.

The Fine Print
  1. Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max is a telephone service provided via your internet connection sometimes referred to as internet or IP telephony. An internet service with a minimum of 100/100 Kbps per concurrent call is required for a Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max service. You can utilise an existing internet connection or request a new one from Commander. Applicable internet rates apply. Service availability and quality may differ from a standard telephone service. The quality of the service is subject to network and Internet congestion. A Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max service may not be appropriate if you require an uninterrupted phone service with access to 000 emergency services. The service will not function in the event of a power failure.

  2. Priority Assistance is not available on this service.

  3. You are responsible for installation and configuration of a compatible PBX in order to use a Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max service, including any associated cabling, and configuration of your network and any routers and/or switches within your network in order to allow the Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max service to work. Valet Install available. Any additional cabling, routers and/or switches required are not included in the standard Valet Install service and can be supplied at additional cost.

  4. Free calls are calls made from your Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max service to another office phone or Australian mobile service on the same Commander account - no connection fee applies.

  5. The Commander Fair Use Policy (FUP) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) apply. For a copy of the Commander Customer Terms (SFOA, FUP & AUP) please go to or contact Customer Service.

  6. Smart Mobile Pack excludes high volume telemarketing.

  7. When porting phone numbers to Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max please be aware that you may be charged a fee by your existing provider. Where the existing provider is Commander a fee may be payable as per the SFOA service schedule for the product you are porting to Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max.

  8. Contract terms of 0 and 24 months available. Minimum total costs calculated as: Contract length x Monthly Fee plus applicable set up fee plus any applicable equipment fees. No set up fee applies on 24 month contracts. Minimum Total Cost (for 2 channels) for: SIP is $115.00 on 0 months, $1200.00 on 24 months; (for 5 channels) for Max is $185.00 on 0 months, $2880.00 on 24 months.

  9. Should you sign up to a Minimum Term agreement and cancel before the agreed minimum term ends, an early termination fee of $200 per channel, pro-rated over the remaining months of your contract will apply plus any outstanding monthly payments for CPE provided in conjunction with the service.

  10. Upgrades and downgrades to Commander Smart SIP / Smart SIP Max services are available upon request. Fees may apply. Please speak to your Commander representative for more information.

  11. All calls not listed as Standard Call types, such as calls to international numbers, premium numbers and directory assistance, are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee. For details of charges for call types not listed, please contact your Commander representative or call Customer Service on 132 777. Charges to premium numbers are set by the number provider. International call rates are available upon request and may be subject to change without notice.

  12. Timed calls are billed in 1 second increments.

  13. Any included call value expires at the end of each month and is not refundable or transferable.

  14. If you relocate numbers to an area outside the geographic zone in which your numbers are normally used (eg. 03 number to an 02 area), calls to those numbers may be charged at STD rates by the caller’s own service provider and you may not be able to port the numbers to another carriage service provider if they do not support Out of Area Numbers.

  15. Information and pricing was correct at time of printing. All pricing is inclusive of GST. Commander is a registered trademark of M2 Commander Pty Limited, ABN 85 136 950 083.