Avaya Business Phone Systems

Avaya offer the biggest selling SME phone system solution in the world. 22% of the market worldwide use Avaya products to receive and manage their phone calls.

The Avaya 9600 series will help your business take the next step

Avaya's popularity comes from making the latest technology user friendly. Many of Avaya's handsets adopted the latest telecommunication technology years before competitors, allowing them to integrate new features into their handsets in a way that's intuitive and user friendly.

Recent expansion into the small business sector has made Avaya phone systems more accessible than ever. Avaya's features per system are unmatched at every price point, giving you more for your money without the compromises you'd come to expect from such a cost-effective solution.

The 9600 series, popular for a reason.

The Avaya 9600 series is one of the most popular premium handset models on the market. The large display, programmable buttons, call control soft keys make everyday use simple.

The popularity of the 9600 series gives you further peace of mine as our technicians have an intimate knowledge of the handsets for faster servicing and setup.

Avaya 9500 series, features meets affordability


The 9504 and 9508 handsets are some of the most popular handsets on the market. The 9500 series combines the digital presentation of the 9600 series handsets with the functionality of the 1600 series. 

The 9508's larger screen makes accessing the extra features for power users even easier, receptionists and executives will love the clear display that opens up their options. Areas of your business that don't receive as many calls can have access to the same features at a reduced cost with the 9504 handset, making the switch to Avaya even more affordable.

Avaya 1600 series, the phone for everyone

Ideal for receptionists and executives alike, the Avaya 1600 series offers all staff extensions at a glance. The Avaya 1600 series phones have a familiar layout, using a large console with staff names for quick access to extension numbers.

The large displays and ease of use makes 1600 series handsets the go to option for anyone who spends large amounts of time on the phone.

Lower costs while maintaining the bandwidth computers need

GigE phones dont require a separate Ethernet outlet for co-located PCs. Use 40% to 60% less energy than you do with comparable phones. You also gain the option to add more data-intensive services or applications down the road.

Avaya are a global leader in business telecommunications with Avaya telephone systems for small business users are the best-selling solutions on the market. They have revolutionised telecommunications for SME’s across the globe, enabling the availability of enterprise level features and functionality through incredibly user-friendly, affordable IP solutions.

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Avaya Small Business Phone Systems

Commander Centre is proud to stand as the leading provider of Avaya business telephone systems Melbourne wide. Avaya office phone systems enable us to service small, medium and large enterprise clients across the extended Melbourne area with superior business communications services.

We offer our clients a number of different Avaya solutions to choose from. Our expert team work with you to identify your specific business needs and help match you with most suitable Avaya business phone system to empower your goals and requirements.

The 9600 series Avaya IP Office Phone

One of the more premium level Avaya telephone system models on the market, the 9600 series remains consistently one of their most popular solutions. With a large display, programmable buttons and call control soft keys, these handsets power greater productivity and are user-friendly even for the least technical of your team members.

Our expert technicians are well versed with this particular Avaya phone system series and are available to assist with any aspect of maintenance, set-up or repairs.

The 9500 series Avaya IP Phone System

Offering the perfect blend of usability and affordability, the 9500 series are the perfect cost-effective solution for receptionists and office executives. The 9500 series have all the best features and functionality of other popular Avaya phone systems with the extensive call functionality of the 1600 series and the clear digital presentation display of the 9600 series.

It’s a match made in heaven.

The 1600 series Avaya VOIP Phone System

One of the most user-friendly Avaya handset series, the 1600 series is the VOIP phone system that’s suitable for everyone, of any sized business, of any function, of any capabilities.

It is a particularly popular phone system for team members that handle a large volume of calls with quick access to extension numbers of the complete network of staff. It’s the go-to Avaya small business phone system for receptionists and call agents.

The Best Avaya Business Telephone System

The above are just a sample of the Avaya Phone System solutions offered by Commander Centre. We are a complete Avaya phone system partner offering everything from desktop VOIP phones to GigE phones. Our team of expert technicians are highly experienced with managing the installation, maintenance and repair of Avaya phone systems and are best-placed to meet your needs.

Transform your business communications and take your SME to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity by making the switch to Avaya phone systems.

Talk to the Commander Centre team today to explore the possibilities.

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