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The State-of-the-art Commander Office Phone System Unifies All Your Business Communications For The Imminent NBN Era

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Equip your office for the NBN – connected market

With the National Broadband Network rolling out around Australia, the time to update your office’s communications equipment is NOW.

The Commander Phone is to your business what the smartphone was to your everyday life.

It’s not just an office phone.

It’s a fully connected mission control centre for ALL your business communications.

Upgrade now to save wasting thousands AFTER the NBN arrives

Old phones simply aren’t going to cut it in the new superfast world of the NBN.

Don’t wait around for the headaches you’ll face when your current communications hardware can’t keep up with the new networks rolling out right now.

Get a Commander phone installed and you’ll skip all that…

And go STRAIGHT to the painless, seamless connectivity we’ve designed the Commander Telephone to give your business — and its customers.

No more line rental charges

Commander customers can slash their company phone bills by up to 30% a month. Why? The Commander phone funnels all your business’s communications through a high-speed broadband connection. In other words: Say goodbye to paying for obsolete telephone lines!

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Telephone Systems Melbourne

Melbourne businesses rely heavily on their telephony and communications systems. So much so that a breakdown in call quality or communications connectivity can result in significant disruption to their business operations.

With such an emphasis and importance placed on call quality and connectivity, Melbourne businesses need to have world-class commercial phone systems in place. That’s where Commander Centre can help.

Commercial Phone Systems

We have designed the most advanced, intelligent and reliable commercial phone systems Melbourne has to offer.

Whether you operate a large-scale call centre or a small office with a team of 3 people, Commander Centre can provide the best telephony systems Melbourne wide to meet your needs.

Take your business phone systems to a whole new level and enable greater flexibility, mobility and productivity than ever before.

Business Telephone Systems

Manage a small-medium sized store, factory or office with a team of between 2-360 people? We’ve got the perfect business telephony systems to meet your needs. The Avaya telephone systems for business are a full featured communications solution offering configuration of anywhere between 2 and 360 extensions.

Phone Systems for Business

It is costed for the SME but offers great innovativeness like functionality, covering every single telephony requirement of your small-medium sized business and empowering crystal clear call quality via the latest converged voice and data technology.

For larger sized businesses and teams, we offer the incredibly customisable Telephone phone systems for business. These enterprise communications solutions are the most flexible phone systems Melbourne enterprises can avail of.

Large and Small Business Telephone Systems

You can pick and choose the specific features and functionality your business requires from Voicemail to VOIP meaning you only pay for the features you need.

The flexibility of installing the most superior enterprise telephone systems for business Melbourne has to offer is that you can add and remove features as your business needs change.

Telephone Systems for Business Melbourne

For large enterprises and corporates, we offer the most innovative business telephone systems Melbourne wide. Our telephone systems are so innovative that they have both the ability to cover all of the existing communications needs of your corporation as well as your future needs.

Enjoy the strength and security of traditional communications systems combined with the incredible flexibility of IP technology.

Corporate and Commercial Phone Systems

Commander Centre understands the importance of solid communications systems for your business. We don’t just provide the most innovative business phone systems in Melbourne, we are your complete, full service communications provider.

With an expert team of technicians, we are readily equipped to provide a prompt installation and repairs service to ensure continuous connectivity and ensure your business is empowered to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Commander Centre Business Phone Systems

When it comes to business communications, we’re the team Melbourne businesses of all shapes and sizes can rely on.

Commander Centre offers the biggest range of business phone systems, office phone systems & phone systems for small businesses. We supply Panasonic phone systems, Samsung phone systems and Avaya phone systems. So whether you're in need of a PABX phone system or VOIP phone system, Commander Centre has got you covered.

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Upgrade to Commander’s full suite of next-gen capabilities

Here’s a snapshot of the power your brand new Commander phone system gives your business…

Automated Receptionist

Automate your receptionist

Program personalized menu options for directing calls to the appropriate staff.

Voicemail to Email

Voice mail to your email

Get voice messages pushed straight to your webmail or smartphone.

Your Phone

Keep your current number

No disruption to your customers — they’ll still reach you at the same number.

Superior Support

Ongoing local support

Our Melbourne-based specialists are on hand to guide you through getting the best out of your Commander system.

Have a Commander communications specialist come to you — no fee, no obligation

If you don’t want the NBN to leave your business behind, get in touch with us today.

We’re helping Melbourne business’s get ahead of the curve and prepare for the next generation of super-connected business communications.

That’s why we’ll send one of our specialists out to your site to assess your business’s needs — and recommend the right plan — absolutely FREE.

All you need to do is complete this short form below, and we’ll get in touch to set up an appointment.

Once our specialist has been to see you, they’ll provide a complimentary report based on your needs (usually valued at $397), also free of charge.

Our report takes into account your business’s size, needs, future plans and budget.

In short, you get everything you need to know about upgrading your office for communicating in the coming new era of communications.

Complete the form now, hit the link, and let’s gets started!

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